Brixton Market Mambo
Posted by admin at 8:00 pm on 1 December, 2007. 249 comments
We bought the warmth of carnival to Brixton on a chilly day in December for Brixton Market Mambo!  We always love to do events in our local area and so even though it was cold we were excited to be out in our ends.  We feel it is really...
The London Jazz Festival
Posted by admin at 7:00 pm on 17 November, 2007. 2130 comments
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For our 4th consecutive performance at the London Jazz Festival we saw 110 Bloco members get their first Guardian (4*) mention in the events pages, including a name mention for the “sweet-voiced” Shayanna Dyer Harris.  We’ll let John L Walters...
I am an Activist
Posted by admin at 11:00 am on 23 October, 2007. 3667 comments
2007 was our year for paying tribute and on 23rd October we were asked to lead a procession to commemorate Body Shop founder Dame Anita Roddick (1942 – 2007) and celebrate her life and her mission as an Activist to make the world a better place....
Thames Festival - Imagination Our Nation
Posted by admin at 6:13 pm on 16 September, 2007. 10 comments
Another Thames Festival, nothing much new this year but we did have some beautiful images so thought we should share them! Photos by our friend Elcio Carriço 
The Unveiling of the Nelson Mandela Statue
Posted by admin at 11:00 am on 29 August, 2007. 633 comments
This performance was an amazing honour, giving us the opportunity to pay our respect to the amazing Nelson Mandela as he unveiled his statue in Parliament Square.  It also gained us our most treasured quote ever, passed on to us by then Prime...
The Truth About Lies
Posted by admin at 5:00 pm on 25 August, 2007. 4 comments
Our theme for Summer School 2006 was Ti-Jean and His Brothers by Derek Walcott, OBE, and in the latter part of August 2007 we took 39 members of the Summer School up to Coventry to collaborate with Imagineer Productions to develop the themes from...
I Love Peckham Festival
Posted by bloco at 5:44 pm on 11 August, 2007. 8 comments
“Having performed at the Peckham Festival in 2007, I enjoyed the diversity of culture in SE15. I saw Peckham in a whole new light, while being able to sample its wonderful atmosphere full of fascinating art and music. Kinetika Bloco opened the...
Summer School - Imagination Our Nation
Posted by admin at 4:20 pm on 6 August, 2007. 13 comments
Fresh from our success in Beijing and with brand new shiny costumes we headed into Summer School 2007 with a new theme from Kinetika Artistic Director Ali Pretty: Imagination Our Nation.  Imagination Our Nation went on to become a long term...
Beijing Youth Olympics
Posted by admin at 5:14 pm on 10 July, 2007. 45 comments
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The Kinetika Bloco had one of its most exciting opportunities when we were invited by the GLA to be the UK representatives at the Beijing Youth Olympics in the lead up to the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

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