Lexus Advert - Nearly!
Posted by admin at 12:00 am on 30 September, 2010. 2074 comments
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When the Kinetika Bloco were asked to audition for a Lexus Car advert as a traditional marching band, we got a little overcome by the spirit of Drumline and Shayanna choreographed a number for our audition.  We didn't get it in the end,...
Thames Festival - DetermiNation
Posted by admin at 6:10 pm on 12 September, 2010. 7 comments
Kinetika Bloco has been taking part in the Thames Festival Night Carnival since 2001 and so we enjoyed keeping up the tradition and coming back in 2010.  Over 80 of the Bloco members turned out and played their way round the 2-3 hour route from...
Southwark Youth Carnival
Posted by bloco at 5:05 pm on 14 August, 2010. 26 comments
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Kinetika Bloco performed in the Southwark Youth Carnival for the second year running.  The rain clouds stayed back for exactly the right length of time!  The Carnival took place the day after Summer School 2010 so it was a great chance to...
AfroReggae Workshop
Posted by Shayanna at 1:48 pm on 25 July, 2010. 1133 comments
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So if you don’t know already: when our Musical Director, Mat Fox and Kinetika Artistic Director, Ali Pretty started the Kinetika Bloco movement they were inspired by the Brazilian samba bands. Having spent some time with Bloco's including Cortejo...
The Big Dance
Posted by admin at 5:00 pm on 10 July, 2010. 8 comments
Kinetika Bloco dancers...and musicians...took part in the Big Dance in 2010.  As a group we participated in the festivities at the Royal Festival Hall helping to create a great send off for all the dancers heading over to Trafalgar Square for...
Summer Solstice Festival
Posted by admin at 5:27 pm on 21 June, 2010. 1946 comments
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Kinetika Bloco was given a great opportunity to be a part of the premiere of an exciting new musical work commissioned by Canary Wharf in London.  Directed by pianist/composer Alex Wilson, The Compass Suite takes the listener on a worldwide...
Kettle Band Launch
Posted by admin at 5:19 pm on 9 May, 2010. 113 comments
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Kinetika Bloco was invited to work with Festive Road to create their Kettle Band for the Brewing Up project!
Trainee Takeover
Posted by Shayanna at 6:25 pm on 6 January, 2010. 61 comments
Add 11 trainees, 5 Staff, 4 days of serious snow, 2 looong drives and 1 adventure centre in Rochester, Kent and what do you get? Kinetika Bloco Trainee Takeover; a training residency where we got to train, shoot arrows, climb and have fun learning...

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