InnerVision Music
Posted by admin at 12:56 pm on 30 July, 2011. 1293 comments
So Mat has worked his Music Magic and come up with an eclectic playlist for us this Summer School.  The theme for this year’s Summer School is InnerVision and we will be exploring ability of creative musicians denied the sense of sight (and...
Uke Can Take Them Anywhere
Posted by admin at 11:44 am on 30 July, 2011. 6 comments
The versatility and high end fashion quality of the Uke is making it a favourite with Bloco Trainees and staff alike.  Whether it's Rock and Roll style; Uke duet's or just strumming and doing sums at the same time; it's become a new favourite...
I Know What Uke Did Last Summer...
Posted by admin at 12:07 pm on 28 July, 2011. 62 comments
...You had a few days of fun and freedom as soon as school finished and then got bored watching the rain fall and your money disappear.  So why not change that this Summer and come and join Kinetika Bloco, there are still a few places left on...
Uke Know You Want To!
Posted by admin at 8:51 pm on 22 July, 2011. 4 comments
Summer School is only 10 sleeps away and we have received delivery of a new section of Kinetika's the only accessory to be seen with this Summer Places still available on Summer School find out more and sign up here  
Encontro Internacional de Luton 2011
Posted by admin at 8:30 pm on 22 July, 2011. 97 comments
Just back from a great day in Luton at the Encountro Internacional in Luton at the UKCCA, where Kinetika Bloco performed at the opening of the Conference and Welcome Party.
Newham Carnival
Posted by Shayanna at 12:00 am on 16 July, 2011. 77 comments
Newham Carnival....what an interesting day!! Journeying from across the river in the "red chariots" in torrential rain to the far plains of…Newham, East London. Ok, so it wasn’t quite torrential rain but it was rainy and it was a long journey. We...
St. Thomas the Apostle Workshop - Carnival Day
Posted by admin at 12:00 am on 8 July, 2011. 751 comments
On Friday 8th July the Bloco Team visited St Thomas the Apostle School in Southwark to take part in a Carnival Day.  Every pupil in KS3 had the opportunity to learn about Carnival around the world and participate in a wide range of creative...

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