Beijing Youth Olympics

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The Kinetika Bloco had one of its most exciting opportunities when we were invited by the GLA to be the UK representatives at the Beijing Youth Olympics in the lead up to the 2008 Beijing Olympics.  We took 35 lucky Bloco members with a team including our regular Bloco Team: Mat Fox, Claude Deppa, Carolyn Ebanks, Iola Weir and Tamzyn as well as Choreographer Jeanefer Jean Charles, Film Maker Jevan Chowdhury and Kinetika Artistic Director Ali Pretty.  Ali designed brand new Olympic inspired costumes that were made by a team of Kinetika artists.  The Bloco members helped to make their own hats that were designed by Helen Davenport. Once in Beijing we joined around 15 other youth marching bands from around the world.  We performed many times at different places across Beijing including on the Great Wall of China!  And also ate heaps of Chinese food!!

“We marched with over 2000 performers from fifteen international marching bands. It was a cultural festival which took Kinetika Bloco to the next level. I remember feeling extremely privileged to have been chosen to travel to Beijing, and be a part of a world renowned cultural event as the Olympic Games. The Kinetika Bloco team represented England with honour, talent and respect. I do hope that Kinetika Bloco will be participating in the Olympic Games in London 2012!!” Christine Alaby

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I only have amazing memories when it comes to the Kinetika Bloco, but I think this is probably the most extraordinary one. (I never thought I'd ever get to go to China, let alone perform there!)

Being part of such an exciting event and working with all these amazing people has allowed me to experience something unique that I'll probably never forget for as long as I live.

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