Dan Zanes and Friends

Some of the Kinetika Bloco Drummers were given the amazing opportunity to perform with the New York Musician, Dan Zanes, at the Queen Elizabeth Hall on the Southbank for 8 shows to sold out audiences.  The shows featured a choir made up of young children and the Soundbank Orchestra as well as Dan and his band of friends from the USA.  10 of the Bloco Drummers took part in a workshop with Senegalese drummer Mamadou Sarr and then performed with him, processing into the hall half way through the performance and coming on for the finale.  It was a great opportunity for the Bloco to work together with other musicians in a professional environment and to hopefully help inspire the really young audience to learn to love music.

Dan Zanes commented:

The Kinetika Bloco takes the party into the stratosphere! 





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